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_Concept and research driven.
_Future focused.

_Architecture in Process

The desire for exploration of the unknown is what drives the human mind in its attempt to expand the horizon of its surrounding universe. Only through such curiosity one can see the perspective necessary to go one step beyond. We have always believed that the role of the architect is not so different from that of an explorer set to reach uncharted territories. We try to see every project as a journey that expands the current borders of my knowledge. 


We believe that in the dynamic world today, we are the ones responsible to see, understand and anticipate the processes of transformation if we want to lay the foundation for a better future. The architecture we produce must be a representation of that responsibility.  We see architecture as a mirror. A mirror that reflects the conditions, philosophy and technology behind the society for which it was created. Unfortunately there is a strong imbalance between what our contemporary "spirit of the time" has to offer as technological opportunities and social problematics and what the architectural status quo provides in return.Market demand became a supreme architectural guide in the 21st century. Instead of being led by pioneering ideas, designers are hiding behind cover images, post-modern provocations, trends in design and the built environment. We forgot that it is our responsibility to expand the horizon of what can be offered to society.


This is where we find the starting point of HO_RA. We aim to balance between our desire to create a sustainable and responsible practice and our strive for research and investigation. We choose to tilt our mirror towards the brightest and most advanced technological achievements to provide new architecture and design that resonates not with the opportunities of the ongoing Information Revolution. Our vision of architecture is all about creating designs that correspond not only to the assigned task (thus reflecting the local conditions) but also address global issues that concern architecture and its surrounding fields. Living spaces whose dynamics and playful character can interact successfully with their user and the surrounding environment.



_Andrey Hodkevich



_Nikolai Nedev



_Vladimir Raynovski




_Denis Gachev


_Parametric Designer

_Tsveta Nistorova

_Candidate Architect


_Mariela Harbalieva

_Candidate Architect


_Awards and Acknowledgements

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