-Sofia Culture Factory

-Sofia , Bulgaria

-Competition - "Toplocentralata"

-Final Shortlist  - 5th Place



The Culture Factory is a contemporary proposal on how we can harness the potential of an abandoned Thermal Power Plant by building an independent artistic center to support the development of contemporary arts, artists and audiences in the heart of Sofia.
Our reconstruction has a contemporary architectural image while keeping the existing features of its identity in the main building. The Culture Factory recreates a new public space for culture, providing conditions for a wide range of artistic events (dance, theater, music, visual arts, architecture, etc.) as well as educational and social activities. The main building achieves optimal versatility thanks to the specially designed window and shutters/interior boards, tied to the existing construction system that provides a changing environment and the ability to shape “spaces within a space.” An axis  principle is applied to both shutters/interior boards  as well as facade windows for an optimal contact with the surrounding site plan.