-Project:  Banya Guest Houses

-Banya , Bulgaria

-In construction -  2020

BS_257 tells a different story of contemporary vernacular architecture. It represents the idea of the traditional example of a wooden Bulgarian house as a combination of stone masonry and carpentry with the client’s desire for timber-log architecture. The project is located in Banya village, right next to one of the biggest ski resorts of Bulgaria – Bansko in Pirin Mountain.

Final FFFFFF.jpg

-Sofia Culture Factory

-Public Competition

-Thermal Power Plant Refurbishment

-Sofia , Bulgaria


The Cultural Factory was our contemporary proposal on how we can harness the potential of an abandoned Thermal Power Plant by building an independent art center to support the development of contemporary arts, artists, and audiences in the heart of Sofia. It is a competition entry with which we reached the top 5 selection.


-Prefabricated Houses

-Collaboration with MaxterSop

-Project:  NextDom

-Plovdiv , Bulgaria

-Completed - 2017 

NextDom was a project for 5 contemporary prefabricated houses that comply with the investor's production line.
Our focus was to design a home with all the necessities and nothing more in a dense, compact space with a clear aesthetic coherence and use of quality materials that provide energy efficiency.


-Collaboration with Aedes Studio

-Project:  Entract

-Sofia , Bulgaria

-Rakovski 127

- In construction -  2019-2020

The first task of this project was to reclaim the once celebrated building and give it back to the citizens of Sofia in its formal culturally important state. The first step is to clean up and restore the facade. The idea is then to convert the building into a new office space for the city, consisting of one level of co-working space and three levels of premium offices. Due to its proximity to the theater district, we wanted the building to resemble a stage, inviting people inside to be curious and take part in the play. 


-Poject Apartment T-01

-Guest Residence 

-Sofia , Bulgaria

-In construction -  2018-2019

Apartment T-01 represented a complicated challenge as it is a guest apartment that we had to adapt into an old historical building from 1929 located in the central part of Sofia, in one of its oldest districts. The total area of the apartment is 23 sqm and within that space, we had to make sure that it will be able to host at least 3 guests and contain an isolated bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room (fully equipped).


-Project:  Interior HTPP 

-Private Residence 

-Sofia , Bulgaria

- In construction - 2019-2020

The residence is located inside of an old socialist block typology building. During the socialist period, interior spaces in Bulgaria were designed with a “function first” ideology that prompted interior walls to be covered by ⅔ panels and then continue to the ceiling with paint creating an interesting motif representative of the period.


Timber Hybrid structures combine different materials to bring their best Xtics to work together to achieve the most sustainable architecture. THS focuses on floor systems that aim to reduce CO2 emissions, time of execution, and overall cost. Timber is a renewable material, helps the construction process to be relatively dry, and improves the building's indoor climate. Ph.D. Thesis at UIC - Barcelona


What if the world's biggest skyscraper is just one story high?

The "Global Scraper" represents an architectural experiment, which lays on the border between utopia and reality and proposes a different typology of cultural space. This architectural prototype proposes the existence of a possible global structure, new digital urbanism. 

Urban Scale .jpg

HO_RA  co-founder Andrey Hodkevich was among the speakers at TEDXYouth@ACSofia. The lecture tells some of the ideas behind "Project Ephemera" and the purpose of the research (the lecture is in Bulgarian)


Studio HO_RA co-founder Vladimir Raynovski signed on 30.01.2020 agreement with KLH Massivholz  a 2 year R&D collaboration with a fund of 20 000 € to develop new timber hybrid floor system.


A brief interview with HORA co-founder Andrey Hodkevich. The interview was taken during the BIG SEE award ceremony in Ljubljana in May 2019